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Rage game, don´t get mad it just a kind of hard game.

Jump to avoid obstacles on your path, my entry for lowrez jam, Try to find PIxi and other things to help you, once you find the Ring you will able to perform a double jump, it will make your way easier.

On map
move with arrows
move around until you see a number for level, press x to enter level

On game
Press up to Jump and left and right to move
ESC to go back to map
R to restart level

NO AD version upload 04/18/2016

I made a previous version for Lowrez jam 2014, but it was made with 32x32 size and gamemaker .exe, this 2016 version was made with Stencyl to play for flash browser, the size is the same but the screen is bigger, this time 64x64, this time contains different levels, more characters and animations, its a 70% new game.

Published Apr 13, 2016
Tags8-Bit, Colorful, lowrez-jam, pixel, Pixel Art

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